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Diamond Oaks Ranch

  Diamond Oaks Ranch


20 years ago I started raising my sons & the Perfect Family of German Shepherds proven to make 100’s of happy families.

Our German Shepherds are raised in our family home & loved from the beginning. They will make the Perfect addition to your family.

  • Short Coat & Long Coat
  • Black/Tan & Rare Black/Black/Red
  • Superior Intelligence
  • Easy to train
  • Wonderful drive to learn
  • Total desire to please
  • Athletic & strong bodies
  • Many maturing to 100~150lbs
  • Exceptional Conformation
  • Beautiful Markings
  • Amazing Dispositions
Breeding from the best titled SCHIII German Imports.
(Most oversized dogs are at best from diluted German lines.)

Our dogs are from the best of the best in World Class Schutzhund Champions.
What does this mean to you?
Schutzhund in Germany is a way of life-dedication to breed for the ultimate-tested before breeding-physically for excellent conformation, outstanding athlete-hips & elbows tested for perfection, resulting in a lower chance of health issues, Superior Intelligence and Mentally Sound.

Pedigrees filled with Champions - several world champs - tracking / protection / obedience & some beautiful conformation champs.

Perfect Family Companion and Your Loving Protector

Oversized Dog Intimidates anyone considering doing the family harm. German Shepherds do not need to be vicious. Predators are just naturally scared of them. Our dogs are bred to have Heart. Their never ending need to be there for you just in case.
Our dogs will give their life for its loving family. All They Ask Is For You To Love Them.

Our German Shepherds Enjoy & Thrive when being Part of a Family.

Superior Pedigree
Proven Pedigree - Shaped by Instinct - Loving Home is important but Breeding increases Intelligence - Good Minds - Athletic - Living Long Healthy Lives - without health problems.

The Type of German Shepherd we are committed to provide
Family Guardian - Best Friend - Service Dogs - Wheelchair Companions – Herders - Police - Military - Narcotics - Search & Rescue - Tracking - Therapy Work.

The result of our years of experience & dedication we effectively and CONSISITANTLY have the Best Family Ranch Dogs You Could Ask For, taking the guessing out of what your puppy will be.



ARES: Black/Deep Rich Red - Lush Short Coat
Totally Awesome from 100% German Imported Schutzhund Champion lines
Champions in Germany - Sweden - Japan - USA - Italy - Austria - Canada - Spain - Norway
Such great lines used for Breeding & Competing & Winning all over the World.
We were fortunate to add him to our family
Impressive Markings with a Spectacular Massive Bear Head.
He has an Extremely Loving Disposition - Protective - Very Intelligent
The ideal dog to have as a pet and in my breeding program - Producer of astonishing puppies
Continuing the Generations of Great Sires.
Ares is our Charmer but so Big-he’s Intimidating Oversized, Large Boned (29+ inches to the shoulder & is about 120lb, still growing)
Absolutely Stunning - First anyone notices of course is his size – then they fall in love with his charming big boy ways

BUBBA: A PHENOMINAL DOG - BIG - Bold & Beautiful, with the perfect temperament, gorgeous conformation & a pedigree to match, his sire titled & imported from Germany.
Bubba mother was one of the best dogs I ever had, with the love equal to 10 dogs and the heart of 100 lions.
We called her Shadow, she was just always there in our shadow. She saved my son from a Pit Bull attack as well as so many other times she was needed. She was the Perfect family friend. Absolutely everyone that meets Bubba falls totally in love.

Bubba is the embodiment of what a German Shepherd should be. He displays this in so many ways, when he was about 1 1/2 years old while a delivery was being made down at the barn the driver was not paying attention, running over part of Bubba’s head, it was horrible, Bubba was in indescribable pain, blood everywhere. I thought I was taking him to say goodbye. My vet knew how much Bubba meant to me, breeding German Shepherds for years to finally have a dog like Bubba, oversized with an outstanding pedigree and perfect conformation.

The vet thought there was a chance, but then he could not stop the bleeding. Bubba's only hope was to get him to the specialty hospital 2 hours away. When we got Bubba to the specialty hospital, their Vet did not think there was much hope for Bubba; he had seen many injuries as extensive as Bubba's. Telling us most dogs turn vicious with pain as well as Bubba’s mouth would have to be rebuilt, wiring it shut for months, this drives most dogs crazy. The vet went on to tell us that only one dog out of thousands would mentally & physically make it through.

The Veterinarian did not want to chance Bubba turning vicious BUT He finally agreed to take him over night, we agreed if Bubba turned mean, he would be put down. Gratefully the next morning the vet called with hope!

Bubba had a long road for recovery of over a year with 4 surgeries and 8 procedures. Bubba lost one eye, dropped 60lbs while his time in the hospital. First 3 month home he was like an invalid, I had to tube fed him for over 6 months. The medical fees were over $20,000. All of it was worth it, I have my beloved Bubba. I THANK GOD FOR HIM EVERY DAY!

Bubba is pure love, my GENTLE GIANT, Truly what I am breeding for. Personality, Size, Outstanding German Pedigree. He has instilled that in all of his puppies.

ANGEL: A True Lover, 29in, 120lbs, Very LargeOversized, Beautiful Bear Head, Deep Dark Black/Red, Long Coated
Everyone is Awe Struck she is Big & Gorgeous, with the Perfect Loving Temperament.
An Excellent cross of Valiantdale / Royalairs / Kiesthaus lines from Great German Imported Champion Schutzhund dogs-bred for Size - Conformation - Intelligence.
Fabulous Huge Old Fashion Long Coated Puppies. Angel from Generations of these fine Dogs will continue to have Puppies that will Fill your Hearts with Love & Days with Enjoyment

BONNIE: She is a player. She plays ball happily for hours. Black/Red-Short Coat-Medium/Large.
Very smart, clever, loving, a true charmer, an excellent pedigree filled with mostly German Schutzhund Champions-crossed with a few Conformation Champions.
Bred from the best of the best several World Champions of herding, tracking, protection, obedience, conformation.
Producing fabulous puppies with outstanding conformation, incredibly intelligent & great size.
She will have a puppy that will give you Loving Loyalty making your family complete.

GOLDIE: Short Coat-Black/Tan-Loving Fair-haired Beauty bred for Oversized-Large Bone Old Fashion Conformation.
Her foundation lines were bred to produce Oversized dogs with Great Structured by crossing German Imported Schutzhund Champions with Great Show dogs bred for Perfect Conformation. Goldie’s Grandmother was line bred from Outstanding German Lines that were Wheelchair Companion Dogs they even competed & were champion service dogs. Goldie has the most beautiful eyes they just make you melt. She will without a doubt produce extraordinary puppies.

GRACE: a Black/Tan Long Coat is Amazing. By our Great Sire Bubba Line Bred from our Proven Lines, an Excellent Consolidation of Imported German Titled Schutzhund Dogs, Happy, Fearless Protector, Intelligent and Easy to Train
A Marvelous Beauty, with her Stunning Dark Long Coat.
Grace will produce puppies with Size, Excellent Conformation, Incredibly Smart, Easy to Train, Extremely Loving & Devotedly Loyal.
She will be a Perfect mother like her mother that died protecting her puppies from coyotes
She definitely has everything it takes to have Perfect Puppies that will give you as much Love as Grace & her mother gave us.

HONOR: Black/Red, Short Coat-Large Old Fashion Size is a Bubba Daughter & mother is Bonnie.
This incredible cross produced genuinely superior puppies Beautiful, Smart, Valiant, Athletes.
Honor has a Striking Conformation Large size & an Extremely Keen Mind
Lovingly Playful, Lives for our Attention & Love. She is such a Sweet Heart it is hard not to stop what I am doing to give her some Love
She will have Unbelievable Puppies with her Beauty, Breeding, Physical Abilities, Intelligence, Brave at Heart

PEACH: Black/Tan, Long Coat, Large Traditional Size has true Loyalty in her heart, so intelligent, with Striking Conformation & Looks. Exactly Everything you want in a dog.
Her sire VA1 - Urban vom Gleisenauer Schloss SchH3 was purchased for $37,000.
An German Import Champion of Champion Sieger Holding titles in Germany, Canada, Mexico & USA.
Her mother was Pure Perfection, one of the best dogs I have ever raised from our foundation lines, a Phenomenal cross from Oversized Kiesthaus breeding 9/10ths German Schutzhund Titled Lines. She has repeatedly produced Impressive Puppies

PINK: a Black/Tan, Short Coat, Large Traditional Size is exactly what I wanted for my own dog but moreover for my breeding program perfection.
She is a Large Traditional Size, True Loving Devotion is in her heart, she is Smart, Uncanny ability to know what I am going to do before I do it.
She lives to please. Her devotion cannot be stated with words. It is true love with every fiber of her being. She lives for me & my family without question. The Absolute Perfect Dog and Friend Protector.
SIRED BY THE GREAT DOG: VA1-Urban vom Gleisenauer Schloss SchH3-Sieger Champion. Her mother was one of the best dogs I have ever raised from our foundation lines, mother from Oversized Kiesthaus breeding 9/10ths German Schutzhund Titled Lines.
Pink Consistently Produced Outstanding Puppies, Absolutely Everything You Wish For In A Dog

TRUE: Black-Short Coat-Large Traditional Size. Loving - Sweet - Adorable
True by Beauty a Bubba daughter. Beauty from my foundation lines, a wonderful dog, Loving Pet, Superior Mother & Always produced Incredible Puppies.
True’s father, Royalair's Amo of Ale' She' Oversized - Majestic Sire - a Splendid cross of Valientdale German Imported Lines & Rangemaster's blend of German Import That were bred & competed as Service Dogs.
True will without a doubt produce Terrific Puppies, Smart / Loving / Athletic / Courageous.
The Special Addition to your Family

INCLUDES: Full AKC Registration
1st & 2nd Shots
De-worming Program
Health & Hip Guarantee
Micro Chipped
Puppy Care Pack

Diamond Oaks Ranch
19880 Tenaja Road
Murrieta, California - 92562

Phone: (951) 600-0667

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